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Workflow Mapping: A Bird's-Eye View For The Agency

How an agency operates, should never feel like a guessing game for anyone. Too often we see owners assuming workflows exist, staff finding workarounds for cumbersome tasks or inconsistent methods of completing operational processes. Whatever the obstacle, there is a fun and helpful navigation tool to create smooth and efficient workflows.

Workflow Mapping is an exercise that provides a visual representation that can be used to drive consistency, identify areas to add technology, pinpoint inefficiencies and even improve customer service. By providing a top-down view of the agency, decision making is easier than ever due to the clarity provided an ease of creating a targeted approach to operational change.

The exercise of workflow mapping can be as high level or in-depth as you choose. It can be done internally or with an outside consultant. There are a few important points to be mindful of when it comes to successfully mapping your agency workflows:

  1. This is NOT a process to create a procedure manual

  2. The workflow must have a defined scope (rabbit holes are everywhere!)

  3. The end goal should be defined prior to starting the exercise

  4. Everyone must be given an opportunity to provide feedback

  5. Have fun!

Workflow mapping may seem challenging or time consuming, but it is a great way to build collaboration, invoke positive change and redefine the work of the agency. An agency’s operations have likely been challenged and will continue to be. For this reason, it is essential to check and adjust and make sure everyone involved in the operations has a voice in the adjustments.

If you would like more information on Workflow Mapping, please feel free to reach out with questions,!

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