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Minimize E&O risks and gain greater confidence in how you portray your agency online!

How the E&O Website Review Process Works

  1. After purchasing your E&O website review, you will receive a PDF document with an outline of the process and a link to a short internal questionnaire.

  2. Once the internal questionnaire has been completed, the Virtual Agency Solutions team will complete a thorough review of your agency’s website.

  3. A 30-minute consultation over a virtual meeting will be scheduled to discuss the final report and the recommended updates to your agency’s website.


An E&O website review from Virtual Agency Solutions costs only $525 and can lead to significant savings in the long run. It gives you the opportunity for 5% off your Swiss Re E&O policy for up to 4 years. Moreover, it can reduce your chances of suffering financial consequences from E&O claims.


“The Agency Solutions team helped me review the website and they made some recommendations to better fit the services we provide. I like that we aligned our services to what the client reads on our website and at the same time reduce the risk of any E&O claims.” — Will Kastroll, Harbour Insurance


Don’t allow harmful language on your website to go unaddressed. Instead, receive helpful insight and recommendations to avoid E&O risks. 


Please note: Agency should speak to their E&O underwriter for approval of this 5% premium credit prior to engaging with Virtual Agency Solutions. This review does not include ADA compliance testing, but the Virtual Agency Solutions team can discuss resources to assist with ADA compliance needs.


Disclaimer: Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin (IIAW) assumes no responsibility for any potential, current or future E&O situations involving the agency. Our findings and recommendations are based solely upon industry standards and procedures, and information provided by the agency. The website review is to provide the agency with any opportunity to identify potential exposures to be addressed.

E&O Website Review

  • E&O Website Review

    Identify language on your website that poses an E&O risk and could be used as evidence to argue the merit of an E&O claim. Purchase an E&O website review today to uncover harmful statements on your site and potentially save on your E&O policy.

    • Valuable outside perspective on your agency’s website
    • 30-minute consultation with a Swiss Re-approved auditor
    • Final report with findings and recommended changes
    • Certificate of completion upon implementation of recommendations
    • Eligibility for 5% annual E&O premium credit for up to 4 years
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