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Kolbe Strengths Assessment

Unlock the Power of Your Team's Natural Talents

When you understand your natural talents and those of your team you have a great advantage. The Kolbe Certified™ consultants at Virtual Agency Solutions can help you identify and empower your staff's natural talents, transforming how your agency operates, collaborates, and succeeds.

What is Kolbe?

Kolbe is a pioneering personal assessment focused on identifying and empowering the natural talents and instincts of individuals within organizations. Unlike traditional methods that measure how people perform tasks or their intelligence, Kolbe zeroes in on the how of actions, providing invaluable insights into how people naturally do things. This insight allows leaders to build cohesive, satisfied, and highly effective teams.

How Kolbe Helps Your Agency

Enhanced Team Dynamics 

Discover the natural strengths of your team members and position them where they can contribute the most.

Improved Recruitment and Retention

Align roles with individuals' natural abilities to attract the right talent and reduce turnover.

Boosted Productivity

Maximize efficiency by leveraging the instinctive talents of your team, leading to faster and more effective decision-making and problem-solving.

Increased Satisfaction

Foster a workplace environment where employees feel understood, appreciated, and positioned to succeed.

“I found great validation in who I am instinctively when I reviewed my Kolbe results. It immediately showed me why I was labeled a misfit…in school. If I had taken the Kolbe Index at a young age, I might have been able to avoid, or at least better understand, many problems I encountered in school.”

Robert Kiyosaki, Author “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

Discover the Kolbe Advantage

 Complete the form below to learn more about the Kolbe Strengths Assessment, how it works, and how it can help in your agency.
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