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E&O Risk Management: Top 10 Words and Phrases to Avoid on Your Website!

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of an E&O lawsuit, one of the first actions the opposing attorney takes is obtaining screenshots of your agency website. Their goal is to show the jury that you are increasing your standard of care or creating promises based on the language you use on your website. According to Swiss Re data, 1 in 7 agents report a potential E&O claim each year. A seemingly innocent statement about your services could be exactly what an attorney needs to help their client win their case against you. Here are the top ten most common words, phrases and issues found on agency websites that can increase their standard of care.

  1. Missing Disclaimer on Quote or Contact Forms

    1. Solution: Add disclaimer – contact Virtual Agency Solutions for full disclaimer (

  2. “Best Coverage”

    1. Solution: Change the sentence this is included in to express that “We can help you find coverage that matches your described needs.”

  3. “Expert” or “Expertise”

    1. Solution: Replace word with “experienced”

  4. Superlatives such as “All”, “Will”, “Always”, etc.

    1. Solution: Delete superlative words.

  5. “We specialize in…”

    1. Solution: Replace with “We have experience in/with…”

  6. “Peace of Mind”

    1. Solution: Delete phrase/sentence

  7. “Protect”

    1. Solution: Replace with “help protect”

  8. “We work for you!”

    1. Solution: Delete sentence or replace with “We work with you to help find coverage from one of the many carriers we represent.”

  9. “Comprehensive”

    1. Solution: Delete the word “Comprehensive” (unless used to describe a type of auto insurance)

  10. Disclaimer on Blog Posts

    1. Solution: Add disclaimer – contact Virtual Agency Solutions for full disclaimer (

If you have any questions about what language to use or what language to avoid, I’d be more than happy to help answer them. You can reach me at

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